"Dr. Jennifer Chaitman and the entire staff of V.I.M.A. are without a doubt the most incredible, generous, caring, professional, dedicated, and knowledgeable veterinarian team, period. I have been a loyal customer for over 8 years, and would never consider trusting anyone else with my pets health. Sometimes I even ask them about my own health issues! They really are that good!"

Jennifer Bandier

"5 years ago, I virtually stumbled past Jen Chaitman's office - and given the proximity to my apartment, was stunned that I didnt know about them earlier. After finding out that other "dog-obsessed" clients of mine had their pups treated with Dr. Chaitman, I decided to switch the care of my beloved pups to VIMA. To say that it was my best decision in years is a massive understatement. Over the past 5 years, the level of care that my "kids" have recieved has been nothing short of remarkable. PEOPLE DONT GET THIS KIND OF CARE!!!. And for 4 1/2 of these past 5 years - the checkups have been complete, the appointments have been handled properly and the pricing - completely fair.

But just about 6 months ago, after not eating for about a week, my beloved Yorkie, Tigger was diagnosed with an aggressive Lymphoma. It is not an overstatement when I say that without Dr. Chaitman and her entire team at VIMA - I would have went completely off the cliff. From the initial diagnosis to orchestrating his surgery, consulting with his chemotherapy and assisting in setting up his protocol with an oncologist - Dr. Chaitman's expertise and sheer knowledge of all things canine was as amazing as it was comforting.

Personally, I tend to run toward the O/C type of New Yorker - and when it comes to my pups - nothing is too good for them - and I wouldnt hesitate to take them ANYWHERE for the best care possible. It is absolutely my good fortune and probably the Tao of my Bichon that VIMA is a "stone' s throw" from my apartment - but no matter - if they were miles away, I would trek to wherever they were....They are THAT good at what they do and equally as good at how they handle the owners and the immense anxiety that comes with a sick companion."

Lee Stahl

"We started going to VIMA to see Dr. Chaitman seven years ago when our beloved wire fox terriers, Seymour and Gracie were, respectively, 12 and 10. Both Seymour and Gracie lived to be 16, thanks to Dr. Chaitmanís brilliant and compassionate care. We now have Tallulah, an eight year old wire fox terrier, and our latest addition to the family is Martin, a smooth fox terrier puppy. So, we have now had an opportunity to experience Dr. Chaitmanís great care for everyone from a puppy to two senior citizens and she is the very best veterinarian we have ever had and have recommended her to all out pet parent friends.

Dr. Chaitman is very, very smart and takes the time to examine her patients carefully, perform the required tests, diagnose, explain options and give advice, all in a relaxed, competent and very experienced way. She helps us understand what is wrong, what our choices are and what the best next steps are. She is like Marcus Welby for pets...kind, generous with her time and really, really caring about her patients more than her time or her fees. And, she brings the best of her Animal Medical Center training to the less institutional, more neighborhood, homey, caring environment of VIMA.

We trust Dr. Chaitman and her advice so much than when we travel, if any of our dogs has ever had a medical need while we are not home, she has our approval to do anything and everything she feels is necessary to take care of them...and we have been glad since there have been a couple of emergencies while we have been away and she handled all brilliantly.

We feel Dr. Chaitman truly loves animals and she cares for them with passion, commitment and as a true professional. Thatís why we would unequivocally recommend VIMA to anyone with a pet they love. We wish she treated people, too!"

Carol and Steve Cotton

"Dr. Han has cared for our goldens for many years. She is smart, a skilled listener, experienced, tender and very kind. Our goldens have complicated health issues however Dr. Han has them balanced and they live each day to the fullest. We are profoundly grateful to be safe and secure in Dr. Han's care."

-Dale Ellen Leff, NYC

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